Armagh Parish is committed to the Archdiocese’ Safeguarding Policies and Procedures and its Guiding Principles, which are mainly in relation to the rights of children to be ‘respected, nurtured, cared for and protected from harm or the risk of harm’ and in respect of vulnerable adults ‘to expect to live a life free from exploitation and abuse and be protected from inhuman and degrading treatment’.

The Parish of Armagh values and encourages the participation of children and young people in all parish activities in order to enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

The Archdiocese’ Safeguarding Policies and Procedures can be viewed or downloaded at www.armaghdiocese.org.

The Parish Safeguarding Representatives are Aileen or Maura and they can be contacted on 07895460797 or armaghparishsafeguarding@gmail.com