Parish Finances

Parish Finance Committee

St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parish, Armagh have a Parish Finance Council in place, mandatory in Canon Law. Committee members are appointed from the membership of the Parish community. Members give their time and expertise to ensure that the assets of the Parish are ethically managed. A key role for the committee members is to provide the appropriate stewardship for the resources of the Parish including assisting the Administrator in the administration of parish funds and all property matters. The committee meets monthly to discuss all relevant areas of finance including budget control and compilation of annual financial statements, assuring accountability.


Members of St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parish, Armagh:

Rev. Peter McAnenly (Adm.) Chair, Rev Thomas McHugh, CC , Rev Biju Thomas, CC, Mr Jack O’Hare, Mr Gerry Gribbon, Mr Brendan Daly, Mr Frank Mallon, Mrs Eleanor McKenna, Mr Oisin Toner, Mr Bernard McAleenan and Mr Kieran Grimley


Message from Armagh Parish Finance Committee

 The Parish Finance Committee is very pleased to be involved in the ongoing consultation processes required to enable St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parish, Armagh to move forward. They appeal to the ongoing generous nature of parishioners to contribute towards the running of the Parish and appreciate their support and generosity.

 We encourage you to continue to help support the ongoing financial needs of the Parish and remember St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parish, Armagh when making your will. Your legacy will make a real difference to the needs of the Parish.


Parish Gift Aid

Thanks to all who avail of the GIFT AID scheme but we’re keen to increase the number of contributors within the parish. GIFT AID means that for every £1 you give through your envelope collection, the parish can claim an additional 25 pence from the Inland Revenue, as long as you pay Income Tax and sign a declaration form permitting the parish to claim. As the parish must be able to justify its claim, only contributions made through your weekly envelope and recorded in our books can be claimed upon. Hence the importance of using the weekly envelope for your weekly parish contributions. If you would like to be part of this very worthwhile scheme, please complete the slip below and put it in the collection basket or return it to the Parish Office within the coming weeks and we will arrange a Declaration form for your signature.  Needless to say, those parishioners who have already signed a declaration form in the past don’t have to do so again.

You can download the form by clicking here:

 Gift Aid Declaration (Download)


A few common questions about Gift Aid:

What is Gift Aid?

Gif Aid is a simply way for our parish to increase the value of gifts of money we receive from UK taxpayers.

How does Gift Aid work?

When a UK taxpayer gives a gift of money, tax has already been paid on that money.  This money therefore qualifies for Gift Aid.  Because we, as a parish, are exempt from tax, we can claim an amount equal to the taxt paid on your donation as repayment from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

How much is Gift Aid worth?

Gift Aid allows us to claim back 25p for every £1 you give us, boosting the value of your donation by  25%.  All we need from you is permission to reclaim the tax you have paid to HMRC.

How does it work?

You make a ‘Gift Aid declaration’ to our Parish, in writing, and we can then reclaim the tax you have paid.  There has to be a record of what you give, so we ask you either to use envelopes for cash, give by cheque, give by standing order or give by bankers order.  The declaration will cover everything you give.

How does it cost me?

It costs you nothing!  You are giving to the parish anyway, this simply asks the Goverment to redirect to us some of the tax you paid to them.

What if you pay taxt at a higher rate?

Better still, if you are a higher rate tax payer.  You can receive additional relief, which you will need to claim via your tax code or through your self assessment.  Seek advice from the Inland Revenue or your tax advisor.

What happens if I stop paying enough tax?

Simply ask us to cancel your declaration.  If you don’t, then you could be sent a bill by the Inland Revenue for any tax claimed by us that you have not paid.  If in future you start paying sufficient tax again, you can make a new declaration.


Weekly Envelope Contributions:

To those who use their weekly envelopes on a regular basis, we are deeply grateful for your support. Without your generosity the financial administration of Armagh Parish would be difficult.

All parishioners should consider their weekly contributions – payment by standing order is a convenient option and should be considered. Setting up a mandate option is straightforward and the Parish Business Manager will be happy to arrange this for you. For further details please contact Caroline at the Parish Offices.

Standing order mandate (Download)