Synopsis of November’s PPC meeting

A warm welcome was extended to new Youth member Caoimhe McKee  who will be joining the PPC Youth sub-committee and will bring a fresh eye and vision to our meetings.

There has been very positive feedback on the Quick Journey through the Bible which takes place in the Vincent Centre in Chapel Lane on Monday evenings with an average of 10-14 participants.

The team thanked the Parish Resource Centre committee for the tremendous work done to date. The old Parochial Hall had to be closed because it was unsustainable but this new   proposal for a Parish Resource Centre has been greeted very positively. More than 200 people in total attended the 4 public meetings in the Synod Hall and strong views were expressed and taken on board but there was much enthusiasm and excitement also at the wonderful model envisaged by the architect and the committee. Although the estimated £2.5 million sounds a lot it can be achieved with 3 or 4 anchor tenants and the Centre would, of course, have to be self-sufficient. The plans will be published on the Parish website in the coming weeks for those who have not seen them.

It was reported that all was going to plan with the altar servers party; the children and their parents had received invitations as had the Heads of the respective schools and  the magician had been booked. Several members volunteered to help out on that Saturday 14th November.

A brief discussion followed on the refugee crisis with some members querying whether the parish was going to organise a collection or do something concrete to help out.

Year of Mercy. Each of the sub groups gave this a great deal of thought and came up with ideas. One member has promised to work on a Wall of Mercy and/or a Tree of Mercy; a possible Way of the Cross  was suggested to take place on Good Friday, a parish pilgrimage, Talks on Mercy,  ecumenical events, reconciliation events throughout the year etc; Pope Francis has already requested that all parishes organise a 24 Hours for the Lord on 5/6 March and we will be doing that, of course.

Under AOB  the concerns of some parishioners were raised re the lighting at the side of St Malachy’s, the parking of cars  there which can be hazardous at times due to thoughtlessness by some drivers. Parking within the grounds of St Malachy’s is limited anyway and should be reserved for the disabled and the elderly only. There is also a problem at the cathedral car park most school mornings because of the increase in the number of St  Patrick’s students driving to school in their own cars now  so that regular 10 am mass goers often find themselves having to drive out the main gate to the Moy Road car park.