Summary of May Minutes

The chair welcomed new member, Bronagh Duggan. Sheila led members in prayer. There were no matters arising.

Feedback was given on the Sunday Masses with good coverage of all ministries at the Vigil Mass and 11am Mass; good stewarding at 10am and 12noon masses. It was agreed that for bigger events more Eucharistic Ministers would be required and that new teams would be sought to assist in the coverages of masses.

Fr. Peter briefed the members on the preliminary Parish Mission meeting with the Redemptorists and it was noted that Claire had already informed members on the content of the meeting. Promotion of the event is of great importance. Members suggested various events for inclusion: healing service, remembrance service for deceased family members, loss of children service, grandparents event. A further planning meeting has been planned for June.

The programme for the visit of the Icon was outlined and members were requested to assist with stewarding and other ministries.

Forthcoming events include a visit to the Holy Door in Drogheda, Vocations Commission, Cathedral Partnership trip and Diocesan Trip to Knock.

Closed with Prayer.


Parish Office