Summary of March Minutes

In Matters Arising, parking at the Cathedral is still a major concern. Another meeting with Fr. Donaghy to be arranged to discuss the matter, however, it was pointed out that with the recent amalgamation of the two secondary schools their resources are stretched at the moment.

New members were welcomed to the group and were made aware of the sub-groups. Pearse thanked all those who had assisted with the Parish Draw, including Fr. Peter for the amount of work he had done, and the motivation he provided the group. The upcoming St. Patrick’s Day social was talked about, and the ADYC WYD pilgrims from the Parish have agreed to assist on the day. Members were invited to attend a meeting with the Redemptorist’s to organise a possible Parish Mission later in the year.

In AOB, it was noted that the Legion of Mary had been taking a lead on the Walk of Mercy in the Cathedral, and it was greatly appreciated. Fr. Peter & Pat Campbell commented on the fantastic turn out for the Life in the Spirit Seminars. Fr. Gerry Campbell’s ‘Bann to the Boyne’ run was promoted. Members were made aware of the upcoming visit of the Icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in May and the visit of the Relics of St. Anthony in June.

Fr. Peter acknowledged and expressed his thanks for the time Mary Vallely had dedicated to the Parish during her time on the Parish Council, and especially her time and effort for the recent 24 Hours for the Lord event.

A note of condolences was sent to the Missionaries of Charity for their tragic loss.

Fr. Peter closed with prayer.


Parish Office