Report on PPC Meeting 3 December 2014

We began and ended as usual in prayer.  Adult Faith group is already planning the next series of Talks and there was  a short discussion on whether to charge £5 at the door. It was generally felt that it would be better to leave a box for donations and let that be optional. Parishoners are usually very generous anyway.  It was also felt that the Mullacreevie Bible Study group  be renamed as a Prayer group. The initiative must be led by the community and not by the PPC but thankfully there is much interest already in this group.

The PPC was informed that the parish draw would definitely be taking place from March- December 2015. Everyone is encouraged to support this exciting venture which will supply badly needed funds to the parish.

Liturgy group had an animated discussion on where to go next. The Sisters of the Sacred Heart had kindly offered to host an evening of reflection for the Readers and the group wrote to thank them for this and to offer support. The priests in charge of the Cathedral, St Malachy’s, Tullysaran and Knockaconey churches were also contacted to see if there were any issues which needed to be addressed or any support which could be offered. So far, we have had very positive feedback from Tullysaran. More meetings will take place in the New Year and a more catechetical approach was suggested with ideas for special liturgies for particular occasions/feast days.

There followed a brief reminder of  the many events coming up in our parish over the Advent period. It is a busy time but there is plenty of passion and enthusiasm still. A good time to remind us all of our Mission Statement. “To support and challenge our community in developing a more inclusive and vibrant parish, reflecting God’s message of love, faith, compassion and mercy.”