Pastoral Groups & Organisations

Pastoral Organisations:


Armagh Parish Pastoral Council

Chairperson:  Maura Kelly


Fr Peter McAnenly, Fr Thomas McHugh, Fr Biju Thomas, Deacon Paul Mallon, Valerie McGeown, Sheila Leavy, Kathy Donnelly, Grainne Perry, Kieran Kelly, Gerard McLaughlin, Art O’Hagan, Patricia Boyle, Caoimhe McKee, Paul Parkes, Marie McGorman, Mary McKenna, Geraldine Turley, Sheelagh Melville, Colette Brannigan and Anne Marie Baxter


St Patrick’s Cathedral Pastoral Area

St Patrick’s Cathedral Pastoral Area comprises of four areas – Armagh; Keady,Derrynoose & Madden; Killcluney (Ballymacnab, Clady & Granemore); Middletown (Tynan).



Armagh Parish Finance Committee

Chairperson: Rev. Fr P McAnenly, Adm.


Gerry Gribbon, Jack O’Hare, Brendan Daly, Frank Mallon, Fr T McHugh, Eleanor McKenna, Fr B Thomas, Mr Oisin Toner, Mr Bernard McAleenan, Mr Kieran Grimley.


JOY Youth group

Contact person: Fr Thomas McHugh.

Being a young person of faith today can be very difficult and how we express our faith may be very different to how our parents and grandparents express it. So, the Youth Council will set up different opportunities for the youth of the parish to express their faith in a way that is meaningful and life-giving.

E: thomasmch@gmail.com or T: 3752 2802


Missionaries of Charity

Hostel & parish visitation.

“Gift of Hope”

19a Cathedral Road

Armagh BT61 7QX

T: 3752 8810 (Hostel) / 3752 8654 (Convent)


Sacred Heart Society

Education, Pastoral Work, St Vincent de Paul, Prayer and Scripture Groups, Rainbow Bereavement Groups

2 Convent Road

Armagh BT60 4BJ

T 3752 2046


ACCORD-Catholic Marriage Counselling Service

Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship? Is your marriage going through a bad patch? Accord marriage and relationship counselling offers you the opportunity to meet a professional counsellor who knows how to listen to you; understands your pain, loss and disillusionment; helps you clarify things and explore new possibilities; helps you plan for a different future and find strength to face that future. Telephone for further information or to make an appointment.

T: 3833 4781 (10 am-4 pm Monday to Friday) www.accordni.com


Apostolic Work

Provides practical support group for the Missions. Social, pastoral, cultural.

Many people think that Apostolic Work is just a group of ladies who sew and knit but in fact, it is much more than that. Not only do the members sew and knit but they provide help for missionaries to carry on their work. This is why the organisation was founded in Belfast in 1923 by Agnes McCall. In Armagh, it started in 1939, under the leadership of the late Margaret Colgan.

Today the work still goes on all over Ireland and especially in 29 parishes in the Archdiocese of Armagh. Numerous letters of appeal come from Africa, Asia and South America, as missionaries need vestments, altar linens, altar servers outfits, stoles, cinctures, mass kits, chalices, pyxes, oilstocks etc. Not only do they request these items but money is urgently needed for food, water, medicine, transport, education, clinics, Church buildings, seminaries etc. Fortunately all of the vestments and knitted goods are made by dedicated ladies throughout the Archdiocese, but money is needed to supply the raw material and to buy the sacred vessels. You may ask where this money comes from? It comes from Honorary members’ subscriptions and from fund raising events and from donations towards Mass kits, chalices etc from families and sports clubs.

For further details about Armagh Apostolic Workers contact:

Miss Jean Hanratty, 13 College Street, ARMAGH Tel 028 37522781


Diocesan President

Miss Jean Hanratty

College Street


T: 3752 2781

Parish President

College Street


T: 3752 2781

Diocesan Treasurer

Miss Eileen Martin

College Street


T: 3752 2781



Breakthru is based in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, in the country’s first purpose-built drugs awareness centre. We also have a smaller office in Armagh.  To contact us, please use the details below. Occasionally our funding prohibits us from working in certain areas, but we will do our best to help. If we are unable to work in your area, we will know of an organisation that can.


18 Killymeal Road


Co. Tyrone BT71 6LJ

T 8775 3228

F 8775 3229

Email:  mail@breakthru.co.uk


1st Floor

34 Abbey Street


T 3751 5459

F 3751 8436


Bereavement Support Group

We started in 2003.  We provide a sympathetic listening service in complete confidence.  If you feel that we could be of assistance to you please contact:

Fr T. McHugh

The Parochial House

42 Abbey Street,

Armagh BT61 7DZ

028 3752 2802


Collette: 028 3752 5992

Ann-Marie: 028 3751 0134

Mary: 028 3752 4911



Unexpected pregnancy is hard to face. Cura cares.

For free and confidential help telephone Derry 71268467, or  Monaghan 00353 4783600.


Scouting Ireland

Youth, cultural, education and training. Social education, badgework, competitions and personal attainment. Incorporates Cubs, Beavers and Venture Scouts.


Mr Damien Toal


T 07785 241815


Knights of St Columbanus

Fund-raising, liturgical work and community development. Group meets on the second Thursday of each month.

Grand knight: Mr. Pat Hamilton


Order of Malta Ambulance Corps

This group provides ambulance services within the community on a voluntary basis. Courses on first-aid and home nursing are run for the public. A youth Cadet Corps is also run for 16-year-olds to enable them to be trained in first aid and nursing.


Michael Kelly

T: 3752 7866

T: 07715 548822


Gerry Gribbon

T 3752 2422


Pioneer Total Abstinence Association

Spiritual group. Promotion of temperance.


Mrs Stella Mallon

T 3889 1002


Mr Brian Corr

T: 3752 4853



A special religious education programme for people with special needs is run every two weeks for two hours from 7.00-9.00pm. Each person has a special adult helper. The session is conducted by a leader catechist. Committee meets once a month at the Cathedral Road Centre.


Ms Patricia Lennon

T: 3026 5252

M: 07711 786 062


St Joseph’s Young Priests’ Society

Pastoral. Praying for vocations and financial support for the education of priests.  Meetings on the first Wednesday of each month in St Vincent de Paul Centre, Ogle St after the 7.30pm Mass in St Malachy’s.  All welcome.



Mrs Maura Murphy

Tel: 028 37 526151



Miss Jean Hanratty

T 3752 4202


St Vincent de Paul Society, St Patrick’s Conference

This group gives financial and practical support to the less well-off in the community. They also visit the sick in hospital and take family groups for short breaks. Meet every Tuesday in Malachy’s Centre.  Requests for help by letter or helpline number.

President: Ms. Bernie McNeice


St Vincent de Paul Society

Malachy’s Centre

19 – 21 Ogle Street



Conference           T: 3751 0705

Vincent’s Shop    T: 07518909929

Helpline                T: 07733482604


 Spiritual and Liturgical Groups


Liturgical Groups

Church Liturgy Commissions

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Ministers of the Sick

Ministers of the Word

Offertory Bearers


St Malachy’s Altar Society

St Patrick’s Cathedral Flower Society



Envelope Distributors

Envelope Counters


The Parish is the Church placed in the neighbourhoods of humanity.  It is at work through being deeply inserted in human society. With the Faithful’s participation, the parish adheres to its fundamental vocation and mission when it is a house of welcome to all and a place of service to all, or as Pope John XXIII was fond of saying, “It is the village fountain to which all would have recourse in their thirst”.

Pope John Paul II on the Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful, 1998 No 27.


‘The liturgical life of the parish and its relation to the bishop must be fostered in the spirit and practice of the laity and the clergy. Efforts must be made to encourage a sense of community within the parish, above all in the common celebration of the Sunday Mass.”   Vatican II on the ‘Sacred Liturgy’ No 42.


The liturgies in our parish are only possible through the commitment and tireless effort of many people working in harmony and unison.


Parishioners are asked to reflect on what way each of us may participate in the life of the Parish.  Volunteers for the Liturgical Groups are always welcome.


Spiritual Groups


Armagh Prayer Group

Prayer group. To pray together and to grow in Christian living.  Meeting is held every Tuesday in the Convent House, Convent Road at 8.30pm.

Frances Kelly


T: 3752 2072

Divine Mercy Intercessory Prayer Group

Meets every Tuesday at 7.30 pm at 16 Messancy Place, Woodford.

Phil Curry

T: 3752 5937


Veronica McEntee

T: 3752 4166


Edmund Rice League of Prayer

Meets the First Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm in St Malachy’s Church.  All welcome.

Mrs Colette McKinney

T: 3752 5992

Eucharistic Adoration Apostolate

Adoration takes place each day from 6.00am to 12 midnight; with the exception of Wednesday when adoration takes place all night. Adorers welcome. Those interested in committing themselves to a specific hour should please contact one of the co-ordinators.

Nora McBrien

T: 3752 5265


Margaret Kearney

T: 3752 3952


Holy Spirit Prayer Group

All welcome to our prayer group for prayer, praise, song and reflection and a cup of tea! Our group also holds Life in the Spirit Seminars annually.

Meet on Tuesdays at 8pm in the St. Vincent de Paul Centre (Chapel Lane entrance)

For further information please contact:

Patrick Campbell tel. 07853833173 or

Annette Creelman tel. 07887745981


Legion of Mary

The group meets at 8.15pm every Tuesday in the St Vincent de Paul Centre, Ogle Street, Armagh.

“The object of the Legion of Mary is the glory of God through the holiness of it’s members developed by prayer and active cooperation in Mary and the Church’s work”

“With Mary for Jesus” sums up the spirituality of the Legion.  With this in mind the members have a commitment to a weekly meeting, and about 2 hours of a pastoral nature within the parish each week.  The work usually involves visiting of some sort, whether in Care Homes, housebound people, or promoting any apostolic activity in the parish.  In short the Legion of Mary offers the opportunity of a full involvement in the life of the church at parish level with a complete dependence on Mary Mother of the Church.


Gemma Toner

T: 07541326303


Mr Micéal Hanratty

T: 3752 4202


Medjugorje Monthly Prayer Group

The group meets in the Convent of the Sacred Heart Sisters every Tuesday at 8.15pm.  Everyone welcome.


Rose Renaghan

T 3752 4308


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

What is RCIA?
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process to enter the Roman Catholic Church. It can mean different things to different people.

For people who haven’t been baptised, RCIA is the process leading to baptism and initiation into the Body of Christ and the Catholic Church.

For Christians baptised into other denominations, RCIA is the process to be brought into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church (which includes receiving the Eucharist).

For baptised Catholics who either didn’t receive the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation as part of the typical childhood religious preparation, RCIA is the process to complete the sacraments.

For Catholics who have been away from the Church, RCIA can help to brush up on ones faith and become more part of the Christian community.

RCIA is for adults and children of the age of reason, typically eight years of age and older.

Where do we meet?

The Armagh RCIA group meets every Tuesday at 7pm in St Patrick’s Cathedral Synod Hall. Each meeting lasts about one hour. The group is always happy to welcome new members. If you feel that God is calling you in some way to come to know and love him better, COME AND JOIN!


St Pio’s Prayer Group

The group meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7.30pm in St Malachy’s Church.  All welcome.


Nuala Somers

T: 3754 8382


 Community Groups

Armagh Pipers’ Club

Traditional music classes, sessions, concerts, competitions, scholarships and other activities.  Vocal for age 4 plus and instrumental for age 7 plus.


Mr Brian Vallely

T: 3751 1248



Cross-community adult learning group. Group meetings are held at Community Centre, Dobbin Street.  The group’s main activities are studying the landscapes &  field trips as means to a better communal understanding.


Chairperson: Mr Sean Boylan

T: 3753 8819


 Over 60s Brolly Club

This is a cross-community club organised by St Vincent de Paul and the Royal British Legion.  The group meets every Thursday 3.00 – 5.00pm at the British

Legion, Dobbin Street, Armagh.


Chairperson: Diarmuid Boyle

T: 3752 5823


Secretary: Bob Windrum

T 3751 8799



Marie Curie Cancer Care

Fund-raising. Meeting held in Armagh Cricket Club, usually every second month.


Mrs Bernie McNeice

T: 3752 6028



Fiona Reddick

T: 3753 0401


Mullinure Hospital Support Group

Senior citizen and fund-raising. Meetings held every three months in Mullinure Hospital. Organises flag day collections, wine and cheese parties, sponsored events and fashion shows.



Mr Ralph Cowdy

Summer Island




Mrs Betty O’Neill

c/o St Luke’s Hospital

Loughgall Road


T: 3752 2381


Seanchas Ard Mhacha (Armagh Diocesan Historical Society)

Ecclesiastical, secular and Irish history. Patricology, Gaelic literature and manuscripts. Many other aspects of local history. Regular lectures and talks. Membership enquiries welcome.


Mons. Raymond Murray

T: 3751 0821


St Patrick’s Céilí Club

Cultural, social and ceili dancing.


Mrs Nora Vallely

T: 3752 5572



Tullysaran Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Eireann

Irish Traditional Music/Language. Cultural, Social, from 10 years upwards.


May McVeigh

T: 3754 8724


Alcoholics Anonymous

Health support. Meetings: Tuesday at 8.30 pm, Wednesday at 12.30 pm, Thursday at 8.30 pm, Saturday at 12.30 pm and 8.30 pm. Sunday at 8.30 pm.


Pensioners’ Rooms

Railway Street


T: 3752 8643



Are you concerned or affected because someone in your life – a relative or a close friend drinks too much?  Al-Anon family groups are for the relatives and friends of problem drinkers.  There is a meeting every Monday night at 8.30pm in Mullinure Hospital.  For more information T 9068 2368.

Armagh & District Talking Newspaper

This group puts news items on tape and distributes to people with sensory impairment, each week. Team meets every Thursday, 7 pm, Dobbin Street Community Centre.


Mr Ian Coulter

3 Trewmount Road



Mrs B Grant

Richview Heights



Armagh Cardiac Support

Meets on the third Monday of every month, 7.30-9.00pm in Mullinure Hospital Dining Room.  All welcome.

Seamus O’Connor

T: 3752 4142


Armagh Citizens’ Advice Bureau

Advice / welfare rights. Armagh Citizens’ Advice Bureau offers a free, confidential and impartial service of advice and information to the local community. It operates on a part-time basis for 16 hours per week.

9 McCrum’s Court

Armagh BT61 7RS

T: 3752 4041


Armagh Credit Union Ltd 

Community based savings and loans institution.

Mrs Elizabeth Donnelly, Manager

Russell Street


T: 3752 2381


Armagh Child Contact Care

A Child Contact Centre is a meeting place where children of separated families can enjoy contact with one (or both) parents, and sometimes other family members in a comfortable and safe environment.


Nuala Judge

30a Thomas Street


T: 3752 6045 / 07914 959377


Gateway Clubs

To promote leisure, recreation and social opportunities for young people 7-18 years with physical and mental handicap. Meets every Friday, Dobbin Street Community Centre.

Betty Slane

T: 3755 2883


Armagh Unemployed Group

A drop-in centre for local unemployed from 11.00am to 5.00pm.

Project Manager: 
Mr Frank Mallon

Jenny’s Row


T: 3752 3963


Armagh Widows’ Association 

Social. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday in each month at 8.00pm in Cathedral Road Recreation Centre, Sherry’s Field, Armagh.


Mrs May Doherty

14 Legar Hill Park


T: 3752 4046


Mrs Margaret Mone

14 Ballygasey Road


T: 3889 1310


Aware Defeat Depression– Armagh Support Group 

For all those affected by depression and manic depression (bi-polar disorder).  Meets in Dobbin Street Community Centre on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm.  New members are always welcome. You do not need to register, just come along on the evening.

Mr Pat Lynch

10 Clarendon Street

Derry BT48 7ET

T: 7126 0602.


Gamblers’ Anonymous

Can help you to help yourself.  Meetings held every Thursday evening at 8.30pm in the Moy Methodist Church Hall, Moy.

T:  7135 1329.


Home-Start Armagh & Dungannon

Visits young families for 2-3 hours a week, supporting parents in situations as diverse as isolation, bereavement, multiple births, illness, disability or who are just finding parenting a struggle.  The volunteers provide non-judgmental, practical and emotional support and help to build the family’s confidence and ability to cope.

Senior Co-ordinator:

Ms Ruth Briggs

Merrion House

46 The Square

Moy BT71 7SG

T: 8778 0489.


Armagh Travellers’ Support Group

Support Workers

Jacqueline Connolly

Sinead Hughes

Lisanally House


T: 3752 2262 ext 5553



Regional 24/7 helpline funded by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) in response to the actions outlined in the suicide prevention strategy, Protect life: A shared vision. Lifeline calls are answered by trained counsellors who are experienced in dealing with suicide, self-harm, abuse, trauma, depression and anxiety. The number is 0808 808 8000, lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls are free from all landlines and mobile phones. A textphone service is also available on 18001 0808 808 8000.


Riding for the Disabled Association (Longstone)

Cross-community group which provides riding for any disabled person who may benefit in his/her physical or mental well-being. Riding centre at Longstone, Mullinure Lane.

T: 3752 8922


SIDS-Friends of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death

Support for families and individuals affected by cot death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

T: 3833 2985



Community group based in Mullacreevie Park working with youth 11 – 25 years.  Working in personal development and offers courses for this age group.  Weekly drop-in centre in 19a Mullacreevie Park.

Kate Martin

19a Mullacreeevie Park


T: 3751 1611



(Restorative Action Following on the Troubles)

RAFT aims to provide opportunities for growth, self esteem, confidence building and appreciating ‘otherness’.  Coping skills to deal with depression, guilt and trauma are enhanced allowing and assisting participants to move from the role of victim to that of survivor.


Sr Dolores Considine

2B Callan Crescent


BT61 7RH

T: 3752 5883