Parish Pastoral Council: An Invitation to all!

Armagh Parish Pastoral Council: Important Meeting

For the last five years, our PPC has been working within our Parish and two years ago, a small number of new recruits were asked to join as some members stepped down or moved on. We thank all the members of our PPC for their commitment and dedication since they have become involved and we thank them particularly for all that they have done to help develop our parish community. When our PPC was appointed in October 2013, it was suggested that a term in office should be four years and it was also suggested that after two years, we should come together to reflect on our work and as some members may wish to move on, other people within the parish should be given the opportunity to become involved.

On Tuesday 9 October, there will be an important meeting in Mount St Catherine’s Primary School at 8pm. Mrs Sharon Dunne from the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Dundalk will help us to reflect on the importance of a PPC within a Parish and the evening will be an opportunity to explore some of the ways in which the Council can help make a real difference and help develop the local faith community. It’s hoped that at the meeting, some new members will also be appointed to our existing PPC.

Whilst we’re very aware of many of the initiatives that our current PPC has been involved in over the last number of years, we’re also aware that the future of our parish depends on the active participation of lay people in building our faith community. We all have God given gifts and talents and we all can make a contribution or a difference for the better. Over these next days, perhaps I might ask myself, how can I become more actively involved in the life of my parish/my Church? Could I make a real difference in my parish by becoming more involved with our Parish Pastoral Council?