Summary of June PPC meeting

After  meeting in our sub groups to have a quick review of the year it was felt that, whilst there is no room for complacency, many of the objectives laid out in the Diocesan Plan are already being covered and that our PPC was making good progress.

Feedback on the Prayer Group was positive but it was acknowledged that the PPC had done as much as it could in helping to kick start the group and that it was up to those who were serious about forming a prayer group to take ownership of it.

There were positive reports also on the recent Women in Scripture course led by Fr Brian Lennon and the value of studying Scripture with others.

There were some concerns around respectful behaviour at the annual Cemetery Sunday Mass especially at Communion time.  It was felt that a brief mention from the celebrant at the beginning of Mass and in the bulletin would help remind people of the reverence due to the Blessed Sacrament. There was some debate about whether it should be a Mass or simply a prayer service as some parishes have but we felt it would be best to wait until after this year’s event to gauge public opinion.

A suggestion was made to have a Sign-Up Sunday sometime soon to help with the need for extra  ministers of the Word, the Eucharist, collectors etc;

Update on the Parochial Hall – discussions are ongoing, an architect has been appointed and funding and planning will be applied for.

Graveyard- the area suggested for the new graveyard is still undergoing water level monitoring and further trial pits are being dug.

St Brigid’s School-  it was confirmed that St Patrick’s College will be making use of the building whilst their renovations are taking place.

Cathedral heating – draught proofing is currently being explored.

Finally we decided to meet again in August to continue preparations for the special Mass honouring our Religious and Priests which takes place on the first Sunday in September.